My name is Bryce N. Inners, a college dropout who loves to fly fish, write, and share my passion for nature. I’ve been all over the place, but Pennsylvania is, and always will be my home.

Growing up, my father introduced me to the outdoors and fishing at a very young age. Starting as most of us have, with a cartoon character pole, and a tub of night crawlers. As I grew, I moved on from Snoopy and Spiderman, and got into chasing trout with minnows and ultralight gear. In my twenties, while living in northern Pa, I decided to make the leap to fly fishing. Fishing is my life, and I want to share it with the world.

Living in York, Pa, I am within short drives of Yellow Breeches, the Letort, Muddy Creek, and my personal favorite, Penns Creek. Being so close to such world class water has given me opportunities to chase trout in some of the finest water in the northeast. I lived in Lycoming county for a few years bartending and fishing Kettle Creek, Slate Run, and Pine Creek just to name a few.

Aside from trout, what keeps me moving is the love of my life, my fiance Kara, and our two pups, Dutch and Bailey.

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