Smallmouth or Bust

When water temps head north of 65, that’s when I call off the trout fishing. Stressing a trout isn’t worth the catch or the insta pic. Instead, I target smallmouth. I hit high water streams that are wide and offer plenty of cover.

Smallmouth are incredible on the fly. They hammer flies with an intense gusto and fight harder than most. Sometimes it can feel like a freight train at the end of my line. I prefer throwing big gaudy woolly buggers and bright colored simulators. Summer may be a slow time for the trout, but the warm water fishing heats up.

A creek dwelling smallie taken on a stimulator.

When targeting smallies I enjoy using a five weight with a sinking line. The feel of a five weight is perfect for these powerful fish. Each strike is registered, and the five weight has enough backbone to match the fight in the bass. Instead of a ‘ripping lips’ approach, I essentially target smalls with the same tactics I would browns and rainbows, just with different line and flies.

The warm weather means I take plenty of breaks to rehydrate and appreciate the water I’m fishing. A beer hits different on a warm day stream side. Just like trout fishing, smallmouth fishing isn’t about just catching fish. It’s exploring the water, being off the beaten path, and being out in nature.

If you can hit a pond, stream, lake, or river, try your hand at smallmouth fly fishing. When that first one hits, you’ll be *hooked*.

Published by B. N. Inners

I love fly fishing, Pennsylvania, and nature.

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