Here we are, in the midst of a sweltering Covid filled summer. I’ve been keeping my distance from a lot of people, and that sucks, but I’ve also been able to spend ample time on some stellar local water. My full time job allows me the opportunity to work from home. Which in turn allows me to fish even more, since I can literally wet a line in the morning and still be able to attend my 9 AM brief. Absolutely fantastic.

Although the water temps are up, I found a nice tiny feeder about ten minutes from my home. The water is constantly cool. Also, being back in the woods, there is tons of shade and downed trees for my fat ass to relax on when I get a little hot under the waders. The stream only allows for three weights really, as it’s a small stretch and it can be thick in some areas. Like me. The fishing can be hard this time of year, but it’s rewarding. I know I should be getting my bow in tune and get my tree stands up for fall archery, but any extra minute I get I need to be on the water. You know how it goes. When I am lucky enough to hook into a wild brown or a holdover rainbow (no Brookies yet, but I can dream.) I make sure to keep that little guy in the water the entire time I unhook them. The last thing I would want is to kill a trout for no reason.

Although the weather is hot, Covid is flaring up, and work is insane, I make it a priority to get out on the water as much as possible. We all need that time to unwind and get back in tune with ourselves and nature. What better place is there to do that than a stream abandoned by weekend warriors months ago? So, get out there, crack a beer, spark a j, and wet wade yourself to happiness.

Hook me’!

Published by B. N. Inners

I love fly fishing, Pennsylvania, and nature.

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