The beginning is a new blog that focuses on the fringe of fly fishing. We aren’t posting pics of monster browns caught from drift boats in Montana, or chasing Peacock Bass in southern Florida. We are average anglers who happen to live in and fish South Central Pennsylvania. Fly Twenty is home to those of us who know that fishing is more than catching fish. It’s the nature, the escape from the rat race and the mundane, it’s sitting along a bank of your favorite stream and cracking a beer and sparking a j. We take pride in appreciating the woods and the life surrounding us stream side. We take camping trips, long drives in the early morning, call off work, and skirt responsibilities to hit the water.

Fly Twenty will be posting long form articles, short quips, reviews, and anything else that seems interesting to us fly anglers. We write for love of our sport, and we write from the soul of an angler. Each week we will be adding new content in the form of articles, videos, and everything in between.

We love to hear from our readers! If you ever want to reach out, please see our info on the contact page, and drop a line. We aim to be a frequent stop on your internet itinerary. Thanks for reading!

Hook em’

B. Inners

Published by B. N. Inners

I love fly fishing, Pennsylvania, and nature.

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