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Go Get Lost

I have battled anxiety and depression for most of my life. I have treated these with a plethora of prescriptions, I’ve self medicated, and I’ve been to therapy. All have helped me grow and have a better understand of my mental woes. I would consider myself an advocate for proper medication and therapy treatments forContinue reading “Go Get Lost”

Smallmouth or Bust

When water temps head north of 65, that’s when I call off the trout fishing. Stressing a trout isn’t worth the catch or the insta pic. Instead, I target smallmouth. I hit high water streams that are wide and offer plenty of cover. Smallmouth are incredible on the fly. They hammer flies with an intenseContinue reading “Smallmouth or Bust”


Here we are, in the midst of a sweltering Covid filled summer. I’ve been keeping my distance from a lot of people, and that sucks, but I’ve also been able to spend ample time on some stellar local water. My full time job allows me the opportunity to work from home. Which in turn allowsContinue reading “Summer”

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